Gospel Breakthrough to host fundraising concert in aid of breast cancer charity

Sis Dee John was inspired to help raise money following the great care she received when battling the disease

MY NAME is Sis Dee John, on Sunday, August 11 2019, my husband found a lump in my right breast, after he informed me, I checked myself and still did not notice anything but because he insisted, I went to my doctor the following day and that is when I got the news confirmed that there was a lump. The following week was the first time I had to face the word cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer stage two. From then things moved very quickly and within 12 weeks I had been diagnosed, operated on and completed my radiation treatment.

Waiting for the results was the longest wait of my life. Cancer is a word that no one really wants to address because of its harshness but now it was in my face and I had to do something about it.

After my surgery I attended Mount Vernon Hospital for radiation treatment and during my trips to hospital I saw the great work and the aftercare given by the breast cancer team, so personally knowing how hard they worked and how desperately they need money for research to cure this terrible disease I decided I wanted to do something to help them.  

My husband who is a former reggae promoter turned gospel music enthusiast and a strong supporter of upcoming gospel artists and myself formed a company called Gospel Breakthrough and have embarked on a mission to raise money for this great cause.

On March 7 2020 we are hosting a gospel concert. We remembered Jamaican gospel singer Carlene Davis being diagnosed with the deadly disease in 1996 so we decided to enlist her help with this project along with Chevelle Franklyn. This concert is to raise funds and awareness about breast cancer. Funds raised from this concert will be donated to the Breast Cancer Now Charity, the charity that’s steered by world-class research and powered by life changing care.

The experience deepened my Christian walk and that’s how I received my strength, when I gave it all to God.

Once the diagnosis was accepted by my husband and family, their support gave me the strength to battle the disease.

Every woman should check themselves regularly as early detection is the key to battling this dreadful disease.

If you wish to help us raise funds for this worthy cause then tickets are available online via our website at www.gospelbreakthrough.co.uk or via eventbrite.

2020 Gospel Breakthrough wants to help stamp out breast cancer full stop.

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