A low maintenance hygiene solution for commercial kitchens

EFFCIENCY SHOULD be at the heart of every commercial kitchen, and finding a low maintenance hygiene solution that aids compliance is a ‘must’. Keeping walls and ceilings spotlessly clean has just got easier – thanks to CleanClad. It supplies an innovative range of hygienic wall cladding that reduces the time it takes to clean a busy kitchen. Cheaper than traditional tiles and much easier to install and look after, it is not surprising that more and more kitchens are sporting a hygienic new look. 

If you are worried about compliance, want to improve your hygiene rating or don’t have enough hours in the day to keep on top of cleaning processes, CleanClad can really help. It makes light work of even the toughest cleaning jobs, giving you peace of mind. Designed to perform in moisture intense environments, this brand of hygienic wall and ceiling cladding is used in restaurants, hotels, takeaways, cafes and schools, not to mention office kitchens.

Compliance and commercial kitchens

Making sure your commercial kitchen is compliant should be the number one priority. As well as looking after public safety, good hygiene will take care of your profits too. Businesses with top hygiene ratings are more likely to do well than those who don’t.

Anthony O’Sullivan, of CleanClad, says: “In a hectic commercial kitchen walls above and below counters, sinks and appliances can really take a battering. As well as attracting grease and grime, they can harbour potentially dangerous pathogens if not thoroughly cleaned. CleanClad makes keeping walls and ceilings hygienically clean easy. What is, undoubtedly, a real chore with traditional surfaces, CleanClad takes care of.

“Our white and pastel coloured sheets have a semi gloss finish that debris cannot cling to when wiped over with mild detergent. We also stock a full gloss sheet for environments that demand high visual impact. All our wall cladding is fire and flame resistant, easy to trim to size and delivered nationwide. Our customers tell us that CleanClad helps to make their business more efficient, because it reduces cleaning times and saves them money.” 

The leading hygiene system

As well as being practical, CleanClad looks so good it is increasingly being used as an interior design tool. Perfect for lifting the look of any space where food is prepared or processed, it is also suitable for storage areas. Commercial kitchens are switching on to the benefits, which include its ability to transform even a large space relatively quickly. To aid the installation process, all CleanClad hygienic wall cladding has an embossed side. This helps sheets to bond to surfaces. 

Anthony explains: “Because needs vary, our products are available in a range of thicknesses. We even stock a 3mm economy white sheet for smaller commercial kitchens. Over the past year, we have further developed our distribution network so we can deliver quickly and reliably to any customer in the country. CleanClad is impact resistant and incredibly durable, giving commercial kitchen owners years of hassle-free efficiency.”

Wall to ceiling hygiene is not just achieveable, it is seamless with the product range now available from CleanClad. With three distinct colour ranges to choose from, completely free technical advice and fast delivery, this system isn’t just efficient, it is effective too. 

Find out more about CleanClad and its benefits by visiting https://www.cleanclad.net

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