General election 2019: parties begin battle to govern Britain

MPs are out and about seeking to drum up support for their campaigns ahead of December 12

GENERAL ELECTION: Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn unveils the Labour battle bus while on the General Election campaign trail in Liverpool (Photo: Jacob King/PA Wire)

CAMPAIGNING FOR the 2019 general election on December 12 is officially underway with each of the parties having launched their bids to govern Britain.

The Labour Party has unveiled its election battle bus in Liverpool today. The bus, which will stop at dozens of marginal constituencies across the country, features the message: “It’s time for real change.”

The party, which has been criticised for failing to strike a clear line on Brexit, has pledged to legislate for a final say vote if elected.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said: “Labour will deliver the real change Britain needs, so that no one is held back and no community left behind.

“This election is a once-in-a-generation chance to transform our country and take on the vested interests holding people back.

“The future is ours to make. It’s time for real change – for the many, not the few.”

As part of its efforts to fulfil its promises to share power and wealth across the country, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has announced that Labour plans to establish a treasury unit in the north of England to “shift the centre of political gravity away from London”.

Yesterday the Conservative Party launched its general election campaign, promising to “get Brexit done” and “unleash Britain’s potential”.

THE BREXIT ELECTION: Prime minister Boris Johnson speaking at the launch the Conservative Party’s General Election campaign at NEC, Birmingham, yesterday

Speaking in Birmingham, prime minister Boris Johnson told supporters that he does not want an election but that there was “no choice” because parliament “refuses to get Brexit done”.

He also positioned the Conservatives as the party for education, armed forces and reiterated its focus on controlling immigration.

He said: “We back our police in the fight against street-crime and knife-crime – his party thinks stop and search is oppressive and inappropriate.

“We want to control our immigration system – he wants unlimited and uncontrolled immigration, no matter what pressure that puts on public services such as the NHS.”

While the Conservatives are working to deliver Britain’s exit from the European Union, the Liberal Democrats are offering voters a chance to remain.

Led by Jo Swinson, the party is urging voters to support them so they can “stop Brexit” and “build a brighter future”.

One of the Liberal Democrats key campaign areas is mental health services, an area that they have pledged to invest £11 billion in.

The Green Party, also pro-remain, has partnered with the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru to avoid splitting the vote in remain constituencies. The parties have agreed to step aside for one another in 60 seats in order to concentrate the remain vote.

As well as continuing its campaign for Britain to remain in the European Union, the Green Party, has also pledged £100 billion a year for 10 years to fight the climate emergency.

While the upcoming election has been widely referred to as “the Brexit election”, the Greens are seeking to rebrand it as “the climate election”.

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party wrote in the Independent: “If £100 billion sounds like a lot of money, that’s because it is. That’s the point. We’ve been on the wrong track for decades, and now we’re catching up, we cannot pass up an opportunity to act just because it’ll cost us.”

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