Jamaica declared a disaster area amid coronavirus outbreak

Prime minister Andrew Holness also announced a travel ban on the United Kingdom

NATIONAL EMERGENCY: Jamaica's prime minister Andrew Holness and local minister Desmond McKenzie

JAMAICAN PRIME Minister Andrew Holness has declared the island a disaster area because of the threat of coronavirus infection.

Holness made the announcement at a press conference at Jamaica House yesterday (March 13).

He said that the country is trying as hard as possible to contain the spread of COVID-19, and as such the Government has activated the  2015 Disaster Risk Management Act, the Emergency Powers Act and the Public Health Act. 

“This means we can do whatever is required to control the spread of this disease,” he said.

TRAVEL BAN: Jamaican prime minister Andrew Holness announced a travel ban on the UK, the source of Jamaica’s first coronavirus case

Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte explained that, “If there is suspicion that something is happening in your private place which may affect the disaster at hand, the minister can authorise checks being done without warrants or permissions”.

Jamaica has so far reported eight cases of coronavirus infection. 

Holness also announced a travel ban on the United Kingdom, the source country for Jamaica’s first imported case.

The latest measures to combat the virus outlined by the government include putting part of the island under quarantine and recruiting retired medical professionals.

Already, the Seven and Eight Miles communities of Bull Bay, St Andrew have been declared a quarantine area.

Soldiers and police have been deployed there to restrict movements in an out of the communities.

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  1. | Norma Lewis



  2. | Fred Johnson

    We need to stop all from Europe, Asia, cruise ships and any countries that shows evidence of the virus. The best way to control is to firstly test all who show symptoms which will give you data to look at.


  3. | Russell Cohen

    Jamaica is the safest place in the world and I would suggest that you stay safe!


  4. | Dorothy NOBLE

    Are they stopping flight to Jamaica


    • | Andy Graham

      Yep. Only citizens with Jamaican passports can enter Jamaica


  5. | Gary Chapman

    It will cost you millions – We are planning to come over in May – If we are canceled we will be going to the middle east – Sorry but is our holiday


    • | Ash the Gawd

      Why would they risk people coming in, when the uk government done sweet FA to stop it spreading g?


  6. | Tania Bolling

    so can you travel if a holiday is booked


  7. | Hannah

    Only under extreme circumstances an then you will.still be quarantined for up to 14 days.


  8. | Aoburell

    It’s for the safety of their country. They’re fully aware of the impact that it will have on their economy, I’m sure. The resources in Jamaica are no where near what we have in the UK so they must just take these measures to ensure the wellbeing of their country. Go to the Middle East if you feel so strongly


  9. | adam ferryman

    The world is effectively at war – borders are closed, flights are restricted, countries and cities are on lockdown. Jamaica needs to be prepared for what is coming I fully understand why they have taken the measures they have but it needs to be stepped up even further. For anyone who thinks they are going on “holiday” your living in Teletubby land!


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