Minibus official calls for Saint Lucia to be locked down in wake of coronavirus

President of Gros Islet Minibus Association: 'If you have to consider the economic part of it we are all doomed'

IDYLLIC: There have been calls from locals to lock down the island

THE PRESIDENT of the Gros Islet Minibus Association is calling on Saint Lucian authorities to shut down the country in the battle against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

“If you have to consider the economic part of it we are all doomed. We have to take the harsh decisions and just shut down the country until this thing goes away,” Danny Edward told St Lucia Times.

Edward asserted that to continue to think about the economic consequences is to be doomed to failure.

“It’s just a matter of time before that virus starts to spread in the community,” he added.

He spoke of the situation in neighbouring Martinique. The French-speaking Island is currently on lockdown.

Edward also recalled that individuals in quarantine in Saint Lucia had escaped and been returned to the quarantine facility in the north of the island.

He expressed the view that the authorities the public transport system should also be shut down.

“The magnitude of this virus and from what we are hearing, our drivers are at risk,” said Edward. He explained that the drivers do not have information to protect themselves.

“The magnitude of this virus and from what we are hearing, our drivers are at risk”

Danny Edward

“I think they should just shut down the entire system because of the magnitude of this problem,” Edward asserted.

He disclosed that some drivers share that same view. Edward said they are very concerned about the situation.

He expressed the view that if the authorities shut down the public transport system, people will stay home.

“Whenever there are buses people will find a reason to travel because we are accustomed to living our lives in a particular way,” the president continued to tell St Lucia Times.


He declared that Saint Lucia should take a page out of the book of some of the more developed countries like the United States.

“Forget about the economy. See what’s happening to the hotels – I mean the hotels have their commitments and they have shut down. I applaud the hotels for that. We need to do the same with the small businesses – we need to shut down the country until we get a handle on this virus,” Edward told St Lucia Times.

Saint Lucia’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sharon Belmar-George Monday announced that the island has recorded its third case of COVID-19 – a female patient with a United States travel history.

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