New travel report highlights the trends for 2020

USA tops the list of destinations with the most growth in bookings

This is one of the two Pitons, huge volcanic plugs on the island of St. Lucia, a tourist destination in the Caribbean. I trekked to the top of a nature reserve to be rewarded by this stunning view of one of the bays next to the Pitons
TRAVEL: A new report reveals the trends impacting the future of the market

A NEW market research tool to test the growth in the industry for performance and future outlook has been developed by ALF Marketing which is the brainchild of Atlyn Forde who has had over 15 years in the travel industry.

‘Travel Insights’ is the latest market research report developed to help travel professionals enhance their trade and consumer propositions and gain competitive advantages as it takes a unique quarterly deep-dive into the UK travel industry.

Its latest report indicates the USA tops the list of destinations with the most growth in bookings Q4, and River Cruising is at the top of the list of holiday type showing the most growth during Q4.

Forde, who is a former director of marketing at the St Lucia Tourist Board and head of marketing at Caribtours, says travel professionals can use the in-depth tracking study and analytical reports, to identify emerging travel trade trends, get insight on market outlook, triggers for travel brand recommendations and other valuable findings to support business decisions.

She says: “Following a turbulent 2019, travel advisers are mainly confident about the future outlook for the travel industry in 2020 despite some interesting factors on the horizon. Britain will likely be entering a transitional period after leaving the European Union and the US will be undergoing a presidential election with the world watching. So what does this mean for the travel industry? This is where ‘Travel Insights’ will be advantageous as it gives valuable information on the trends impacting the future of travel.”

Some of the key research topics covered in the report include:

• Data collection from UK Travel Advisers
• Marketing recall
• Emerging travel trends
• Market confidence
• Triggers for travel brand recommendations
• Market outlook
• Tour operator benchmark
• And up-to-the minute insights on external impacts affecting the industry

ALF Marketing focuses on research, emerging market trends and helping travel businesses deliver effective marketing insights to help businesses identify market opportunities and develop effective strategies to optimise their market positions.

To learn more information on the Travel Insights Q4 report visit:

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